Zodiac's Top Three Geeks


Virgos are zodiac Hermione Grangers. They work hard, learn well, and are organized.

Even after graduating from school, they make lists and detailed strategies to reach their goals. 

Ask a nerdy Virgo for advice on how to do anything. Keeping a nerdy Virgo around will motivate you. 


Libras are less academic than the other geeks on our list and geek out over their interests.

They adore anime, video games, and sci-fi fandoms and aren't afraid to show it.

They write elaborate fan fiction, wear fandom gear, and attend conventions dressed as their favorite characters. 


Aquariuses are hobby kings. Whether they're tying flies, crocheting baby creatures, or building intricate Gundams, they focus on their skill and become professionals. 

They reached 10,000 hours of competence quickly because they spend so much time doing what they loved. 

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