You Should Definitely Try These Boozy Snack

1) Aperol Spritz Trifle 

Aperol Spritz Trifle—a decadent fusion of Prosecco cupcakes, Aperol-infused pudding, apricot preserves, whipped cream, and sliced oranges. 

2) Creamy Beer Cheese Dip  

Elevate your gatherings with the perfect combo of beer and cheese.  Dip pretzels or your favorite snacks for a flavorful treat. 

3) Margarita Watermelon 

Introducing Margarita Watermelon: slices soaked in tequila, triple sec, and lime juice, then dipped in lime zest and salt for a spirited and refreshing experience. 

4) Mimosa Cupcakes 

Start your day on a sweet note with Mimosa Cupcakes. Bubbly meets orange zest for a citrusy delight, topped with champagne frosting.  

5) Boozy Caramel Apples 

Try this boozy version with vodka-soaked apple slices, dipped in your choice of toppings—caramel, chocolate, peanuts, or sprinkles—for a sweet treat fit for any occasion. 

6) Prosecco Grapesickles 

Take grapes to a new level with Prosecco Grapesickles. Soaked in vodka and prosecco, these boozy grapes are frozen to perfection. 

7) Ham and Cheese Beer Bread 

Cheese, carbs, ham, and beer come together in our protein-packed Ham and Cheese Beer Bread. Ready in just over an hour.

8) Gin & Tonic Pops 

Freeze a mix of sweetened condensed milk, limeade, lime slices, and your preferred gin and tonic for a creamy recreation of this classic cocktail. 

9) Prosecco Pops 

Pour bubbly into popsicle molds, add lemonade and fruits, and freeze for at least six hours.  

10) Kahlúa Cupcakes 

Devil’s food cake mix meets coffee and Kahlúa for a special base, complemented by Kahlúa-infused ganache filling and chocolate frosting.  

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