Wintery Velvet Nail Ideas for a Plushy Manicure

Sheer Winter Velvet Nails

Allow this to be a shining example of how lovely silk nails can look with very little work. 

Bronze Winter Velvet Nails

This bronze winter velvet manicure has a textured look that we love. It almost looks like the knit weave of the sweater it's worn with. 

Green Cat Eye Nails

The cat eye nails are an even stranger kind of silk nails. Feeling love? Use Mooncat Nail Polish ($16) in the shade Weeping Willow to get the same nail art look.

Pink and Plum Swirl Nails

This pink and plum velvet swirl nail art makes us think of Jennifer Garner's 13 Going on 30 dress in a more fun way. 

Minty Green Halo Aura Nails

We love how this mixed-up manicure looks. It has minty ombré lines and a green velvety feel.

Pink and Brown Velvet Nails

This fabric manicure in pink, brown, and silver is simple but very stylish. This is the ideal gray glam nail art.

Red Velvet Nails

You can't go wrong with red velvet in any form, like cake, clothes, bags, nails, you name it. 

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