Which zodiac signs can read your mind?


Cancers feel things and can listen well. They help people out when they need it and always seem to know what other people are thinking.


Pisces is also sensitive and can see what will happen. You can tell right away how other people are feeling, and it looks like they can read minds.


Some people think that Scorpios are strange. They can tell if someone is lying or trying to hide something. 

Since they are so focused, it looks like they can read minds and know what people are thinking.


Virgos are very careful and want everything to be just right. They watch out for you and find it hard to lie to them.


Libras are polite and can keep things in order. They can feel what other people are feeling and see things from different points of view. 


They're great at talking to people. Body language is a way for them to figure out what other people are thinking. 

They are always ready for anything and seem to know what other people are going to say.

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