Weight loss on the Mediterranean diet

Whole grains and legumes 

Although grains may not be strictly adhered to in many weight loss plans

Whole grains and legumes 

fundamental component of the Mediterranean diet, and with good reason: consuming grains may help maintain a healthy weight.

load up on produce

Plant-based foods are abundant in water and fiber, and their low caloric content per nibble.

load up on produce

When you have fewer choices, you also have to buy fewer ingredients and cook fewer meals. 

Sugar and processed food

Carbonated beverages, such as cola, are excluded from the Mediterranean diet. 

Pasta can be enjoyed in moderation

Although pasta may not be commonly associated with weight loss, it can still be incorporated into a delectable meal plan.

Caprese Avocado Toast

There are a lot of different ways to make avocado toast, so there must be one that fits with the Mediterranean diet. 

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