Us Atp Star Tells How Coco Gauff Has Been Treating Others Since Us Open Win

Christopher Eubanks, a friend of Coco Gauff, shares insights on how her US Open win hasn't changed her personality.

Despite winning her first Grand Slam at the age of 19, Coco remains a down-to-earth and great person to be around.

Coco's friend, Eubanks, emphasizes her continued support for her younger brothers and her humility despite newfound fame.

Coco Gauff's popularity has surged in the United States, with more people following and talking about her since the Grand Slam win.

Eubanks commends Coco for proving doubters wrong, overcoming criticisms about her forehand and doubts about winning a major title.

Coco's achievements include winning a 500, a 1000, and a Grand Slam, solidifying her status as a top American female player.

Eubanks expresses pride in Coco's ability to stay true to herself despite external expectations and scrutiny.

The friend notes that Coco's motivation remains strong, even after achieving significant milestones in her tennis career.

Eubanks anticipates continued success for Coco Gauff and acknowledges the challenges she may face, including external expectations and doubters.

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