Top Foods for a Healthy Weight Journey

– Eggs are rich in nutrients, high in protein and fat, keeping you full. – A study found that having eggs and buttered toast for breakfast increased feelings 


– Vegetables like kale, spinach, and collard greens are hydrating and filling. – They contain thylakoids, linked to increased fullness, but more research is needed.

Leafy Greens 

– Fish, high in protein and healthy fats, helps with weight management. – Seafood may provide essential iodine for thyroid function and metabolism.


Veggies like broccoli and cabbage, high in fiber and protein, are filling and low in calories. 

Cruciferous Vegetables 

Skinless chicken and lean red meats (like tenderloin) are protein-rich with less saturated fat. 

Lean Meats 

– Boiled white potatoes are very filling. – If cooled after boiling, they form resistant starch linked to weight loss.

Potatoes and Root  

– Lentils, black beans, etc., are high in protein and fiber, aiding satiety. – They may also contain resistant starch.

Beans and Legumes 

Eating soup may take longer, promoting mindful eating and reducing overall food intake. 


– Boosts protein intake, essential for muscle building. – Satiating and high in calcium.

Cottage Cheese 

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