Tips for Making Your Mediterranean Diet Plan

Eat more legumes.

Besides being a staple you definitely aren't eating enough of, they're cheap and nutritious.

beans, and chickpeas

Wine is always consumed with food and in moderation according to the Mediterranean diet.

Make meat a side

When consuming meat, opt for lean options such as skinless chicken and restrict red meat consumption to once or twice per month.

Eat fewer sweets

Consume less desserts. Similar to flesh, desserts should be reserved for special occasions.

Cook with olive oil

To prepare food, use olive oil. Utilize extra-virgin olive oil for cooking purposes. 

Artichoke Salad

This healthy, light tapa pairs most well with crisp white wines and toasted bread.

Mediterranean Kale

The flavors were fantastic, the preparation was a breeze, and it's always a pleasure to find a delicious healthy recipe.

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