Three Zodiacs Will Find True Love This Week


Gemini, you've been working hard on a lot of things. Now is the time for the part of your brain that thinks too much to take a break and be swept away by real love.  

Prepare for big gestures, like red roses being left on your bed or an offer to take you on a fancy island vacation. 

Your partner is about to make sure you treat yourself to something rich while they're with you.


Aquarius, if you only work and never play, you'll get cranky. 

An unexpected turn of events this week could lead to a happy meeting with your secret crush, the person you've been wishing for. 

This week has been full of list of things to do and dates to keep track of. Now it's time for dinners with candles and giving in to all your illegal urges. Yum. 


Pisces, it's time to stop being so moody and be open to better things. This week, a lot of men will become interested in you all of a sudden. 

That's because all the things you've been focusing on lately have come true and made you a magnet for love this week. 

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