This Deer Captures Each Zodiac Sign's Christmas Spirit

Aries: You’re the Mule Deer

Aries usually leads in speed and power. Mules can run 45 mph, making them the quickest deer. 

Taurus: You’re the Moose

Mooses can grow to 6 feet tall at their shoulders and weigh 1,800 pounds, complementing Taurus's grounded vitality. 

Gemini: You’re the Sika

A herd of sika can be found gossiping, even though deer are usually solitary. Gemini, one of the most sociable zodiac signs, matches the sika's social curiosity. 

Cancer: You’re the Roe Deer

Cancer, the zodiac sign of mom and family, embodies roe deer behavior at its best. Although cautious and lonely, you'll only see this species when a mother is with her fawns. 

Leo: You’re the Elk

No zodiac sign values status and extravagance more than Leo. They claim to like being the most powerful and beloved, like an elk bull battling with his herd for attention.

Virgo: You’re the White-tailed Deer

Because of their focus on resourcefulness, logic, and efficiency, Virgo rarely wants attention. 

Libra: You’re the Chital

Chitals, also known as axis deer, are seen in Indian and Texas grasslands and are regarded as the most beautiful deer.

Scorpio: You’re the Père David’s Deer

Scorpio, the powerful fixed water sign of transition, carries death and rebirth everywhere.

Sagittarius: You’re the Red Deer

Red deer are among the most elegant and intriguing deer.

Aquarius: You’re the Brocket

Everything edgy, innovative, and out of the box is connected with Aquarius. The brocket deer is the most unusual. 

Capricorn: You’re the Reindeer

Reindeer (caribou) are known to be the hardest-working animals. 

Pisces: You’re the Water Deer

Although not the only deer that can swim, water deer are the greatest.

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