These Four Zodiacs Know How To Make Love Work


Scorpios love so much that it's unfair to the other party. Scorpios ink new rules as their prey learns the basics. 

When Scorpios are 10 steps ahead, you can never catch up. Luckily, they're kind sometimes.

A  gamemaster viewing an escape room through a camera, waiting for hints, may see how victory can brighten a face. 


Sagittariuses are coders and enjoy crackers. They like metaphors, similes, or symbols that don't require speech. 

They want that psychological connection only achievable with a companion who can map and chase the same mind stream.

They want someone who can keep up and challenge them. One who shares their wit, humor, and playfulness. 


Tauruses are masters of love due to their persistence, which might be misinterpreted as stubbornness.

Taurus persists because they know they can. Not insulting others' limits or going full Gaston. 


Geminis are love's Michelin chefs. Hot is provided. You get chilled. Salty, spicy, sweet, acidic—everything is covered. 

They challenge all stereotypes and leave you wanting more. Once you think you understand them, they surprise you. 

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