These 3 Zodiac Signs Face the Most Challenges in December

1. Taurus

You'll never disagree that December 2023 will bring you hardships because you saw it coming. That won't stop you from trying—you're unsinkable.

Still, you'll feel lonely this month, and being alone isn't your thing. You appreciate friendships and love, but December 2023 may lack 'love'.

2. Leo

Why me? That's your first inquiry when you learn that your zodiac sign is one of the three that will feel December's 'wrath.

Because you know you've had a tough year. It's tempting to ignore it, but you know it doesn't work. 

You don't enjoy being labeled 'depressed' because you know you'll never stop obsessing over what's gone. 

3. Aquarius

You don't enjoy being called 'unlucky' because that's not how you function. When something goes wrong in December 2023, you'll call it a glitch. 

Aquarius, you're in denial about your life's problems. Venus and Lilith place that ' something' to be part of your love life.

You expected more from your partner and refused to go down with this ship, even if it's sinking fast. You feel like this person never gave you a chance.

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