The most unique baby names in Ohio and beyond

Alabama: Abner

The name Abner comes from ancient Hebrew and means "my father is a light."

Alaska: Huxley

This is an English last name. The name Huxley became famous for a short time after Melissa Benoist of "Supergirl" gave birth to her son in 2023.

Arizona: Stone

In the last ten years, the number of babies born with the name Stone has steadily decreased. 

Arkansas: Draven

Draven is another English last name that doesn't have a clear meaning but seems to have become more common after "The Crow" came out in the mid-1990s.

California: Genesis

A Greek word that means "beginning" or "origin," many famous people, including Alicia Keys and Viola Davis, have given their children this name.

Colorado: Zephyr

The Greek god Zephyros was in charge of the west wind. So, Zephyr is an English translation of the old god's real name.

Connecticut: Sincere

the name Sincere was most common in 2022. It means "true" or "heartfelt." It went from being ranked #603 the previous year to #544 in 2022.

Delaware: Kashton

The style of music called Kashton is a twist on Cash or Kash. It has been slowly becoming more famous. It went from #436 in 2021 to #380 in 2022.

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