The Latest Basque Girl and Boy Names

1. Bolivar

Bolivar, meaning ‘mill by the riverbank’, is a revolutionary and inspirational name for your kid.

2. Eneko

In this name, ‘en’ denotes ‘my’ and ‘ko’ is diminutive. The name means ‘my tiny one’. Some Basques call Eneko Inigo.

3. Ganiz

This sounds worldwide, though. Ganiz, a variant of John, signifies ‘God is gracious’.

4. Gorka

If you like George but detest how prevalent it is, try Gorka, which means ‘farmer’ in Basque.

5. Iker

Iker means ‘visitation’ in Basque. It could be a crossover name. Short, concise, and lively.

6. Ilari

Like its meaning, this name sounds joyful. Its evocative music, strong beat.

7. Inigo

This name is historic. This name comes from San Ignacio of Lotyoa, whose first name was Inigo.

8. Itzal

Meaning ‘shadow’, this Basque baby boy name is easy to pronounce and has an intriguing meaning.

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