Snacks That Promote Weight Loss

Fruits like apples, grapes, and pears and vegetables like carrots and peppers pack nutrients and water content to fill you up. 

Fresh Fruits and Vegetable

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Fresh Fruits and Vegetable

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Fresh Fruits and Vegetable

Great protein-focused snacks include hard boiled eggs, Greek yogurt topped with nuts or fruit, and nuts or nut butter with apple slices. 

Nutrient-Dense Protein

Stick within a snack range of around 100-250 calories, using visual guides like a small produce piece, a golf ball of cottage cheese, or 1 ounce of nuts. 

Watch Your Portion

Staying hydrated prevents mistaking thirst for hunger, which helps prevent overeating at snack time. Herbal tea can also be soothing. 

Stay Hydrated

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