Simple Nail Designs That Are Elegant, Sleek, and Beginner-friendly

Abstract Shapes

This graphic appearance is easy to make. Start by stenciling the square borders with a tape corner or freehanding it if you're confident.

Solar Eclipse Nails

This style to celebrate a solar eclipse: One color covers the other over five nails, like the moon covering the sun.

Starry Details

Try adding a star decal to one finger of each hand to dress up a nude nail subtly. Designing with black makes it bold.

Sparse Sparkle

Gold with an unusual pastel blue is great. Apply clear paint to the bottom curve of each nail and sprinkle nail glitter or gold foil over top to only stick to one spot.

Gold Accents

The contrast between matte and metallic tones makes this Paintbox nail design so appealing. The side-mounted triangle is intriguing.

Foil Flecks

Check out this foil-flecked mani for a quick, eye-catching manicure look. Use chunky glitter like Smith & Cult's Glass Souls.

Glitter Stripes

Drawing a central nail line is the easiest. Take it up a notch with a neutral base and vivid blue glitter line. 

Glitz and Glam

These negative space half-moon nails are fantastic year-round, especially for parties. 

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