Personalized first names based on your birth year

1956: Ivar

After the Old Norse word for yew tree, which was used to make bows, Ivar signifies "archer" or "bow warrior."

1957: Cathryne

Catherine is a variation on Catherine, a popular name that peaked at #18 on the SSA list in 1917. 

1958: Kathaline

As with Cathryne, this list features different spellings of common names, like Kathaline, an Irish name meaning "pure.

1959: Andrienne

Meaning "manly and virile," Only five newborns were named Andrienne in 1959, a variation on Andrea. 

The more common Adrienne rated #360 on the SSA's 1959 list, but an extra "n," might change a name's popularity.

1960: Rashelle

Rashelle is a less common variant of Rachel, which means "ewe," or innocent lamb in Hebrew. 

1961: Ishmeal

Ishmael was the son of Abraham, a key figure in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. 

1962: Mollye

Molly and Mollie are typical spellings of this classic name, but adding a "e" to the former was only used five times in 1962. 

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