Opinion: The Cfp Committee's Hypocrisy Was On Full Display

After Week 13 of college football, Florida State was undefeated and won their conference championship.

The top two teams, Michigan and Washington, were ranked high because they also finished the season undefeated with conference titles.

Following the same logic, Florida State should have been the third team. However, they were dropped to the fifth spot in the rankings.

The reason for this drop was the "eye test." Even though Florida State didn't lose important games, they didn't look as good as before, so they were ranked lower.

Alabama and Texas took the fourth and third spots, respectively, based on this eye test.

If this logic applied, then the Group of Five slot, which usually goes to a team from a smaller conference, would likely go to SMU. 

Liberty Flames also won all their games in 2023, including the Conference USA championship.

According to the Football Power Index, Liberty ranked 133 out of 133 teams in schedule strength.

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