Novel Names Given To Infants In The Year Of Your Birth

1963: Legrand

This French surname meaning "large" or "tall" originated in Burgundy and may have been a nickname. 

1964: Royetta

As one may anticipate from its similarity to "royal," Royetta is a Latin name meaning "little sovereign."

 The name peaked in 1953 with a dozen children, but just a few parents chose it in 1964.

1965: Almira

The name Almira peaked in popularity in 1902, so parents who picked it in the 1960s may have liked the old-fashioned or were lovers of actor Almira Sessions.

1966: Henrique

Only five U.S. newborns were named Henrique in 1966, but Brazilian soccer great Henrique Arlindo Etges, who played professionally in the 1980s and 1990s, shared the name.

1967: Donnella

Also from Italian, Donnella means "lady," but it wasn't as popular as Donna. Donna peaked at #5 on the SSA's list in 1960 but remained in the top 20 in 1967.

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