Nfl Fines Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes For Criticizing Officials After Bills Loss

Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid and quarterback Patrick Mahomes fined by NFL for criticism of officiating after last Sunday's loss to Buffalo Bills.

Reid fined $100,000 for publicly criticizing officials. Mahomes fined $50,000 for abusive language towards officials and criticizing them publicly.

Fines handed down on Saturday as reported by NFL Network's Ian Rapoport.

Criticism stems from controversial penalty called against Chiefs late in 20-17 loss to Bills.

Mahomes initially very upset with call post-game, said officials were deciding outcomes instead of players.

Both Mahomes and Reid critical of officiating decisions in interviews after game. Continued venting frustration.

By Wednesday, Mahomes walked back criticism saying he needed to show better sportsmanship. Reid also softened stance.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell defended officials, said they made the right call and have a difficult job. Called criticism of correct call "ironic."

Fines meant to discourage coaches and players from openly criticizing officiating decisions after games. Sets precedent.

Controversial finish sparked debate around officiating and what constitutes appropriate criticism from coaches and players.

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