Names That Are Unique To The Year You Were Born

1968: Bethena

In 1917, ragtime pianist Scott Joplin—famous for "The Entertainer"—died, but his music didn't become popular until the 1970s jazz revival.

1969: Dera

Names used in numerous cultures have diverse meanings. In the instance of Dera, Nigerian means "destiny," Polish means "thick cover.

1970: Jayce

Jayce comes from Iaso, the Greek goddess of healing. Jace, which means "healer" in Hebrew, becomes more adaptable and gender-neutral by adding a "y" to the spelling. 

Parents who chose Jayce in 1970 were ahead of the time; gender-neutral names became popular in the late 1970s.

1971: Shirleyann

It's not unexpected that derivatives like Shirleyann appeared after Shirley reached #2 on the SSA's list in 1936. 

1972: Nema

Nema comes from the Irish surname MacConmara, meaning "warrior of the sea."

1973: Kish

Kish seems more ancient than GenX, making it an intriguing name for early 1970s parents. 

1974: Jeness

Drop the "a" from Jenessa, the Hebrew name meaning "God is gracious," to get this unusual name given to five babies born in 1974.

1975: Wyndy

J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan stories popularized the name Wendy, which peaked at #28 on the SSA list in 1970. 

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