Most unusual Ohio and national baby names

Louisiana: Kyng

Kyng is a form of the name King, but it was only given to 254 boys in 2021—less than 0.014 percent of all boys born that year.

Maine: Orion

Orion is a Greek name that means "rising in the sky" or "dawning." It is also the name of one of the most well-known constellations in the night sky.

Maryland: Nova

Nova is another name that sounds like something from space. It comes from the Latin word for "new.

Massachusetts: Ocean

Ocean is a pretty gender-neutral baby name that has been given to a number of famous kids in recent years, such as Forest Whitaker's son and Alexa PenaVega's child.

Michigan: Jetson

Jetson is such a unique name that the SSA doesn't even have any information on how popular it is. 

Minnesota: Divine

Divine comes from Latin and means "heavenly" or "of the gods." It's a very sweet, if not uncommon, name to give your new baby.

Mississippi: Mahogany

Mahogany comes from the Spanish language and means "rich" and "strong."

Missouri: Chesney

A more recent form of the Old French word "chesnai," By definition, Chesney is a "oak grove" or "oak tree."

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