Most Popular Dog Breeds In North Carolina

Heralded as the most favored canine in North Carolina, the Cane Corso exudes grandeur and loyalty. 

Cane Corso

Renowned for its watchful nature, this large breed stands as a stalwart guardian, fiercely protective of its owners. 

Embraced as one of North Carolina's cherished breeds, the Goldendoodle charms with its lovable and adorable demeanor. 


A delightful crossbreed between a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle, this mixed breed excels as a family pet.

A frequent sight in North Carolina's dog parks, the French Bulldog stands out with its brightness, playfulness, and sociable demeanor.

French Bulldog

Earning its place as a top dog in the United States, Frenchies continue to grow in popularity. 

Embraced as a beloved choice in North Carolina, the Poodle stands out as one of the most intelligent canine companions. 


With a rich history of retrieving waterfowl, Poodles exhibit a natural inclination to work closely with humans. 

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