Most Popular Dog Breeds In New York

Mixed-breed dogs are a delightful tapestry of canine diversity, ranging in size and other features.

Mixed Breed

They stand out as the most prevalent "breed" due to dogs' inherent lack of selectiveness in choosing partners. 

Beyond mixed breeds and hybrids, the French Bulldog reigns supreme as the most adored dog breed in New York.

French Bulldog

Resembling a smaller version of its Bulldog kin, the Frenchie is characterized by its playfulness, alertness, loyalty, and undeniable cuteness. 

Poodles, available in Toy, Miniature, and Standard sizes, offer a diverse range of intelligent canine companions. 


The smaller variants, Toy and Miniature, thrive in New York City apartments, while the Standard suits those seeking a larger breed. 

The Golden Retriever, celebrated worldwide, captivates with its beautiful coat, friendly demeanor, and eagerness to please. 

Golden Retriever

Known for versatility, these dogs excel as therapy animals, guide dogs, and in various service roles. 

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