Luck Improves In Love Mid-week For Three Zodiac Signs Beginning December 6

1. Leo 

You want to give your whole self to the person you love, but during a transit like Venus trine Saturn, you just "want to make sure things are legit.

With Saturn in the picture, you can think of rules and limits. You feel so close, but not quite there yet. 

It's possible that you and your partner will have one of those awkward talks just to clear things up.

2. Libra 

At the beginning of the week, Mars will square Lilith, which will help you. 

This will "break the camel's back," so to speak, and you and your partner will have to decide whether to put things back together or end the relationship for good. 

You'll see that the multiple Venus transits that are helping you are there to do more than just fix things; they're there to make the relationship new.

3. Pisces 

As the year comes to a close, you can only truly feel at ease when you are sure that everything is safe and in its proper place. 

You and your partner will look at each other and know, with a secret smile, that you two are meant to be together and will do great things. 

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