Lakers News: LeBron James Reacts To Ja Morant's Return

LeBron James cheered Ja Morant's comeback after a long suspension in a recent basketball game.

Despite the Memphis Grizzlies' struggles, James showed excitement on social media and during Morant's comeback game, which they won narrowly.

Morant, a talented player, had faced NBA suspension due to past incidents but made a stellar return in his first game this season.

He scored an impressive 34 points, made several assists, rebounds, steals, and blocked a shot.

Despite Morant's outstanding performance, the Grizzlies have a challenging journey ahead to secure a playoff spot.

The team's overall record remains poor, standing at 7-19 for the season.

This victory only slightly improved their standing, leaving them seven games behind the tenth-seeded Phoenix Suns.

The road to the playoffs for the struggling Grizzlies remains tough despite Morant's remarkable return.

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