Incredible New Basque Names for Infants, Both Boys and Girls

1. Markel

Markel rightfully topped the name list. Means ‘of Mars’.

2. Mattin

Martin, a Roman name, is Mattin in Basque. The name is contemporary and familiar.

3. Mikel

Mikel is a more energetic alternative to Michael. Mikel goes outside Basque Country. 

4. Palben

Many names signify redhead, black, dark, or brown, but few mean blonde. 

5. Samso

Samso is trendy and pleasant to say. Sammy or Sam would be good nicknames.

6. Xabier

In honor of Basque saint Francis Xabier, this name was given. Xabier is from Etxeberri, meaning ‘new house’.

7. Xavier

Many are surprised to learn that Xavier means ‘bright’ in Basque. It became famous through Saint Francis Xavier.

8. Zorion

Zorion, which sounds like a mix of Zoro and Orion, is a Basque name meaning ‘happiness’. 

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