Here are the coolest baby names in Ohio and around the world

Vermont: Archer

This name is gender-neutral and comes from an old French last name. 

Virginia: Jupiter

Jupiter was the most important god in Roman mythology. He was the creator of everything and ruled over the whole sky.

Washington: Zeppelin

Zeppelin is another rock-themed name that is popular with new parents. This is likely because of the famous hard rock band Led Zeppelin.

West Virginia: Legacy

This rendering of the French word "legacie" is most often used for girls. About 650 babies were born in 2022 with the name "Legacy.

Wisconsin: Andromeda

Andromeda is the name of a constellation in the sky and a close galaxy. The name comes from the Greek language.

Wyoming: Daxton

In 2007, Daxton was one of the top 1000 baby names. Since then, it has become very common. The SSA says that as of 2022, it was given to 1,010 boys born in the United States.

Washington DC: Princeton

Princeton is usually thought of as an Ivy League school, but the name actually means "princely town."

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