Here Are Each Zodiac Sign's Pros and Cons


Mars rules Aries, a fiery cardinal sign. Natives have distinct life goals and are highly motivated. 


Venus rules the celestial bull, which adores luxury. Fixed signs work hard and are tough. 


Gemini, a changeable sign, is flighty, clever, and curious about learning. The Twins represent their eagerness to switch ideas. 


Cancerians are sensitive, emotional, and caring, ruled by the Moon, which controls the zodiac's minds.


Leo, a fixed sign ruled by the Sun, radiates hope and excitement. They are confident and loyal beyond all else.


Since Mercury rules communication, time, and travel, this mutable earth sign loves to plan every part of its existence and respects timeliness.


Libra, symbolized by the weighing scale, seeks balance in all aspects of life. 


Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, is intense and fixed. Most of the time, their sixth sense and creepy foreboding intuition regarding other zodiacs are accurate. 


Archer represents Sagittarius, changeable fire. Jupiter rules them, making them thrill-seekers and travelers.


Saturn-ruled this cardinal earth sign is all about rules. The celestial sea goat represents Capricorn, a hardworking, responsible, and serious person.


This fixed air sign is one of the most progressive zodiac signs. They are generous and altruistic, dedicated to communal welfare.


Neptune, the planet of dreams and fantasy, rules this versatile water sign. Meditative and serene, they value tranquility above everything else.

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