Healthy High Protein Snacks

Fruit, nuts, seeds, and a sprinkling of granola make tasty mix-ins that won't overload on sugars. 

Greek Yogurt

Pair protein-rich cheese slices or bites with fresh fruit like apple slices or grapes for a nutritious combo. Part-skim mozzarella and cottage cheese offer lower fat options. 

Cheese and Fruit

Fruits and vegetables deliver low calories alongside filling fiber and disease-fighting antioxidants. 

Fruits and Vegetables 

Make your own custom blend with unsalted nuts, mini pretzels, whole grain cereal and dried fruit pieces. 

DIY Trail Mix

Whether shelled or in the pod, these immature soybeans can be boiled, microwaved or air-fried. Sprinkle with sea salt for an especially crunchy, satisfying snack. 

Edamame Bean

Hummus, white bean dip or black bean dip make fantastic fiber and protein-rich dips. Dip raw vegetables like carrot and celery sticks for added nutrition. 

Bean Dip and Raw Veggie

Make up a batch and keep in the fridge. The protein will help keep you full and they make for an easy grab-and-go snack anytime.  

Hard Boiled Egg

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