Healthy breakfast foods

Steel cut or rolled oats offer lasting fuel. Mix in nuts and fruit for a dose of crunch and sweetness without added sugar. 

1.Energizing Oats  

Blend up your own boost with yogurt and frozen berry medleys as the base. Spinach and nut butters amplify nutrition. 

2.Vibrant Smoothies 

Versatile eggs provide a protein punch. Bake a crustless quiche with your choice of veggies. Or try poached eggs nestled on top of sautéed greens. 

3. Egg Dishes 

Almond butter and sliced bananas can be perfect potable breakfasts. For added nutrition, choose hearty seeded bread or cracker pairings. 

4. Nut Spreads 

Intake vitamins the tasty way with blended berries, juicy melons and citrus served up in a bowl.  

5. Fruit Salads 

packs a punch with its excellent combination of immune-supporting vitamin C and energy-producing iron. These nutrients promote vitality. 

6. Spinach    

Use whole grain bread and add an egg if desired. 

7. Avocado toast  

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