Good-for-you Snacks To Reduce Sugar Intake

Dark chocolate takes the lead in our guilt-free treats. Forget the guilt trip – you can still satisfy that sweet tooth with a few squares of 70% cocoa or higher.  

Dark Chocolate Delight

Craving a candy bar? Hold that thought and grab a piece of fresh fruit instead.  

Fresh Fruit Frenzy

Make sure it's sugar-free and enhance the flavor with fresh fruits. A guilt-free pleasure that keeps your hunger at bay. 

Greek Yogurt Goodne

Spread it on wholegrain or sprouted grain toast, add a dash of cinnamon, and a drizzle of honey.  

Ricotta Romance

Whip up a delicious recipe with Wellness Code® Whey Protein – a fantastic option with 20 grams of protein per serving and zero added sugar. 

Protein Power Play

Brownie cravings kicking in, but we're suggesting beans? Absolutely! Studies prove that plant-based protein is your ally against hunger pangs. 

Legumes for the Win

For all the pudding lovers out there, give chia pudding a shot. Rich in protein, these tiny seeds transform into a velvety delight when soaked overnight in your favorite milk.  

Chia Pudding Perfection

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