Gauff Destined For Success Thanks To Taking 'no Days Off' Says Macci

Coach Rick Macci praises Coco Gauff for her strong work ethic, citing it as the key to her future success.

Macci, who coached legends like Serena and Venus Williams, as well as Maria Sharapova and Andy Roddick, recognizes hard work in players.

Gauff's commitment to hard work has been a consistent factor in her journey to success.

Even during the offseason, Gauff didn't take much time off, immediately returning to the court to improve her tennis skills.

Macci emphasizes the importance of putting in the effort, stating that in sports, the game and competition evolve, and falling behind is a risk without dedication.

Gauff's work ethic sets her on a path for greatness, according to Coach Macci's exclusive talk with Tennis Infinity.

Macci expresses confidence in Gauff's abilities, having seen firsthand the impact of hard work on players he coached throughout his career.

Gauff's continuous commitment to improvement aligns with the ever-changing nature of the sport.

The coach is assured that Gauff's work ethic will be instrumental in overcoming challenges and staying competitive.

Macci's positive outlook on Gauff's future underscores the belief that her dedication to hard work will lead to significant achievements in tennis.

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