Everything You Need to Know About Getting 3D Nail Art

Curiosity Sparks Exploration 

Always wanted to try 3D nail art but hesitated due to concerns about short nails, daily dishwashing, and playing the viola. 

Celebrity Inspiration 

Influenced by textured manicures of favorite celebrities like Lizzo and Megan Fox, sparking a desire to experiment with 3D designs. 

Bold Decision to Try 

Overcoming the assumption that long nails are a prerequisite for 3D art, decided to give it a shot and booked an appointment at Akiko Nails in NYC's Chinatown. 

Origin of 3D Nail Art 

Discovered that 3D nail art originated in South Korea and Japan, influenced by the Harajuku fashion movement, providing a new dimension to nail creativity. 

Personalized Consultation 

Rather than choosing from a swatch book, engaged in a personalized consultation with nail artist Isa Rodriguez, discussing preferred styles, colors, and inspirations. 

Unique Artist Styles 

Emphasized the importance of embracing the unique styles and techniques of individual nail artists, discouraging clients from copying exact designs. 

Creative Process Unveiled 

Learned that the creative process involves a basic gel manicure using Presto gel pots, with additional steps like using black polish and chrome powder to enhance the design. 

Application on Natural Nails 

Explored the choice of building 3D manicures directly on natural nails, understanding the importance of maintaining healthy nails for lasting results. 

Cost and Duration 

Expect appointments to last a minimum of one hour, with prices ranging from $75 to $300 based on the complexity of the chosen design. 

Maintenance and Removal 

Discovered the longevity of professional 3D manicures, lasting up to three weeks, with essential care tips. Highlighted the importance of professional removal to prevent damage. 

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