Aries: Hot Cheetos

You probably love quick foods like chips. You like your food to be strong, just like you. 

Taurus: Cinnamon Rolls

As an earth sign, you enjoy eating slowly. You enjoy savoring each bite, fitting for a Venus-ruled person.

Gemini: Mozzarella Sticks

You enjoy fun foods as the playful zodiac sign. Mozzarella sticks are cheesy and can be dipped in any sauce. 

Cancer: Crab Legs

Cancer zodiac sign loves seafood. As a crab, you love ocean food because it's delicious. 

Leo: Roast Chicken

Leo zodiac sign loves roasted food. You enjoy cooking over an open fire and hosting cookouts for friends and family.

Virgo: Any Kind Of Sandwich

As a Mercury-ruled sign, you likely enjoy finger foods, just like Gemini. A sandwich is a safe and versatile option for picky eaters. 

Libra: Candied Yams

As a Libra, you have a strong sweet tooth due to Venus being your ruler. You love sugary treats and enjoy baking cakes and pastries. 

Scorpio: Jalapeño Poppers

Scorpios love surprising twist in food, like jalapeño poppers. They may seem innocent, but they have a spicy twist.

Sagittarius: Pizza

Jupiter is linked to oily, tasty flavors, so pizza is perfect for you. 

Capricorn: Steak And Potatoes

You prefer classic choices like steak and potatoes. This food is both filling and suitable for business meetings. 

Aquarius: Any Pasta Dish

You're patient with meal prep as a fixed sign. You enjoy variety and have an irregular eating schedule. 

Pisces: Sushi

As a fish of the zodiac, it's no surprise you love seafood. You love fish dishes and there are various ways to prepare them. 

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