Evergreen Nail Ideas For an Earthy Pop of Color

Fine Line

A basic French manicure in any color, but especially evergreen, is always a good choice because it is so simple.

Green Aura

Little blue and evergreen would look great together, who knew? The aura pattern makes the set look even more beautiful.

Go For the Gold

There are times when small things stand out the most. This classic French manicure is made even more elegant with a thin stripe of gold.

Sneak Attack

Do you see those Nike shoes in the background? They worked out to get ideas for this patterned manicure.

Feeling Jaded

Jade has been valued for hundreds of years because it is thought to bring wealth, honor, and safety. 

Ride the Wave

When they work together to make a cool, curvy pattern, three shades of green are better than one.

Swirl and Twirl

If you stick to the same colors, you can mix up the shapes and they'll still look good together, even if you use French tips, swirls, and circles together.

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