Eat healthy foods daily

The healthy fats in olives also help your heart, and they have anti-inflammatory properties. 


Avocados are amazing for your health! They have vitamin C to boost your immune system and healthy fats. 


Watermelons are recommended by nutritionists for many reasons. They're mostly water, keeping you hydrated and providing essential electrolytes.  


Greek yogurt is full of good things – probiotics for your gut health, protein for your muscles and long-lasting energy, and calcium for strong bones.  

Greek Yogurt: 

Swiss chard is a healthy leafy green that's good for your heart and bones. It has Vitamin K, which helps your bones absorb calcium for growth and repair. 

Swiss Chard: 

These tiny seeds are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, great for your heart. They're also super high in fiber, good for digestion.  

Chia Seeds: 

Walnut pesto is a tasty way to be healthy. Walnuts have good fats, and pesto made from them is a flavorful addition to your meals. 

Walnut Pesto: 

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