Easy Nail Designs You Can Totally Do at Home

Wavy Reds

This style is "minimal effort but maximum design," says Meade. "Like art on your nails, this abstract line design gives a simple yet alluring effect." 

White Stripes

These beige nails with a tiny white stripe are simple and lovely. "Do one to two coats of any nude/neutral color for the base."

Statement Star

The little star embellishment on the ring finger elevates it. a comparable set can create stars and other embellishments in this collection

Shimmering Tips

Highlight bare nails with gold tips. Pair with gold jewelry to stand out.

Pastel Mismatch

We love pastel nails, especially with many shades. To create polished nail art without precision, mirror the color order on each hand. 

Golden Stripes

This nail art is almost too simple. It has stripes across half-painted nails and might help your mani last longer as it grows.

Starry Details

Nail stickers can help you do nail art if you have shaky hands.

Gilded Half Moons

Start with a little metallic dot in the middle (the moon's U base) and a dot on each side of where the moon will end (its'smile').

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