Early December brings setbacks for four zodiac signs


You should be very careful of people who try to trick you in December. 

Do your best to stay out of problems and away from people who want to know your secrets. And if you do this job, failing won't bother you.


Trust is something you need to work on in December. Do not set up jealousy scenes for your partner, because if you do, bad things will happen. 

Do not attempt to do all of them at the same time. Take it easy and enjoy every second of your life. 


You will have trouble at the start of December. You might lose your job and not have any money. 

All because you often put the blame on other people and think you can't be hurt.


For you, the first month of winter will feel like the start of a dark streak. Things will look like they are falling apart at some point. 

The run of total disaster will end if you learn to put yourself first and stay away from things that make you think negatively.

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