Cuisine of Each Zodiac Sign


You're always on the lookout for a simple supper that can be made in a flash and enjoyed by all. 


Since Venus is the planet of taste and pleasure, no other sign of the zodiac can compare to your exquisite taste. 


Even if you're constantly on the run and have a lot on your plate, you can always count on Mexican food to satisfy your hunger. 


Since the crab is your water sign's animal ruler, I think that's reason enough to eat crab.


You put on your best performance at dinner and mix with the rest of the group, so you might as well do it every night!


Virgos love breakfast since it's the best way to kick off the day with a positive mindset.


You're just a Libra wired to appreciate aesthetics. Because while savory foods can fill your stomach, only sweets can fulfill your sweet tooth. 


Cajun and Creole cuisine appeals to your spiritual side because it satisfies your need for comfort and mystery at mealtime.


Despite all your travels, you still have a taste for Fourth of July picnics and burgers that are too huge to fit in your mouth.


If you're a Capricorn, you probably enjoy Chinese or Korean food because it's filling and also helps you cleanse your system. 


You like eating most when you're around people you care about (or even strangers). You value the company of your dinner companions over the meal itself. 


The perfect dinner, in your opinion, transports you to another world. You want the spices to remind you of distant worlds, while the textures soothe your soul.

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