Coco Gauff Told She Doesn't Need Perfect Forehand To Win Many Grand Slams

Coco Gauff's forehand has been a topic of discussion, with suggestions for changes, but a former WTA player disagrees.

During Gauff's struggles in the first half of the year, her forehand was often identified as the issue.

While Gauff's forehand may not be the best globally or among the top, it gets the job done when she swings it confidently.

Gauff's successful performance at the US Open, where she won the trophy, demonstrated that her forehand is effective.

Former player Pam Shriver believes that Gauff's forehand is good enough as it is and doesn't need to be changed.

The debate about Gauff's forehand is discussed in relation to the 2024 season in an interview with Shriver.

Shriver emphasizes that having a better forehand is not necessary for Gauff to achieve success in winning many Grand Slams.

The confidence in Gauff's forehand is highlighted as a key factor in its effectiveness on the court.

Shriver's perspective adds to the ongoing conversation about the strengths and areas of improvement in Gauff's game.

Gauff's success at the US Open serves as evidence that her current forehand is suitable for winning major tournaments.

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