Choose your lucky color by Zodiac sign


Red is your December lucky color. It matches your dynamic luck and boosts your passionate enthusiasm. 


Spend the last month of the year green. This will calm you. Peace will help you make smart choices and succeed big.


Your ideal color is yellow. It will make you happy, playful, bold, and successful in everything. Happiness follows adding this color to your life.


Focus on silver in December. These exquisite colors will help you build intuition and create the most comfortable environment. 


Your lucky color is yellow. It will highlight your strengths, make you stand out, and draw attention. 


For security, riches, and happiness, surround yourself with brown. It will bring peace, harmony, and freedom from fears. 


Put pink in your life for December prosperity and pleasure. Fortune will follow in all sectors. 


The last month of this year will be great if you wear black to express yourself. It gives you energy, sophistication, and inner power. 


Purple is your December color. It will inspire hope, adventure, and delight.


Gray is December's happy hue. It will highlight your organizing talents and get you promoted. 


Wear blue to flourish and be happy. Shades of the sea wave will help you find great jobs, learn new skills, and succeed. 


Blue, especially turquoise, suits you like Aquarians. It brings peace and insight. It will help you avoid mistakes and stay cheerful.

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