Budget-Friendly Mediterranean Diet Foods

Onions & Garlic

In fact, these common culinary aromatics are rich in nutrients; for instance, both garlic and onions contain prebiotic fiber.


To name a few, nourishing whole cereals consist of corn, barley, quinoa, oats, bulgur, and teff. 

Frozen Berries

As the amount of color on your plate increases, so does the variety of nutrients you consume.


Another example of a whole grain that is rich in fiber and may be more affordable for individuals on a budget are oats. 


Corn, which is one of the primary cereal sources in many cuisines around the world, including Latin American cuisine, is a whole grain.

The Bottom Line

 A wide range of foods, including those on this list that are economical, can be incorporated into the dietary regimen. 

Nuts & seeds

You can find more information about the health benefits of eating nuts.

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