British Food Traditions Around Christmas

Mince Pies

In the UK, people traditionally announce their first mince pie of the season. 

Christmas Cake

The day people countrywide start making Christmas cakes is called 'Stir-up Sunday.

Christmas Pudding

Pudding in British cuisine, especially around Christmas, is steamed pudding made with suet, dried fruits, and brandy. 


Trifle is popular for assembling rather than baking. It is typically seen at Christmas and year-round. 

Yule Log

A Yule log, also known as a Bûche de Noël, is a traditional dessert served during Christmas in the UK.

Christmas Cracker

The tube-shaped parcel, frequently with a prize, joke, and paper crown, has excess paper on each end for tugging.


Parsnips are peeled, roasted, then smeared in butter and honey after being frozen.

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