Best Mediterranean Diet Recipes

My Big Fat Greek Salad

Deceivingly straightforward and delectable," Maura Alia Badji exclaims. "The precise two instructions were decisive. 

Spiced Sweet Roasted Pepper Hummus

My favorite hummus recipe is this one." It is inexpensive, simple to prepare, and the garlic and cayenne pepper can be modified to my liking.

Pan Seared Salmon

These salmon fillets are simply seasoned with salt and pepper and pan-seared with capers, and garnished with slices of lemon.

Spanish Moroccan Fish

The publication ALLRECIPES MAGAZINE "This Moroccan recipe has been in my family for generations.

White Beans & Olives

Tuna Salad In The Style Of Nicoise With White Beans And Olives Observe the recipe

Artichoke Salad

This healthy, light tapa pairs most well with crisp white wines and toasted bread.

Mediterranean Kale

The flavors were fantastic, the preparation was a breeze, and it's always a pleasure to find a delicious healthy recipe.

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