Angel Reese Opens Up About Her Relationship With Kim Mulkey

Angel Reese is back playing for the LSU Tigers after being benched for locker room issues.

Despite being a standout player, Reese highlights the importance of respecting the coach, Kim Mulkey.

Reese expresses deep admiration for Coach Kim Mulkey, stating, "You need a Kim Mulkey in your life.

Her unexpected absence surprised fans and led to tension, even causing a disagreement between players' moms.

Reese's mother, a former basketball player, was involved in the disagreement, shedding light on clubhouse issues.

Reese clarifies that her time off was not due to bad intentions but to work on personal matters for the team's benefit.

The 21-year-old emphasizes the ongoing need for mental health support in sports.

Reese's positive return highlights the importance of addressing personal challenges for overall team improvement.

The LSU Tigers' victory against Virginia Tech marks a successful comeback for Angel Reese, showcasing resilience and teamwork.

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