Amazing And Latest Basque Baby Names For Girls And Boy

1. Abarran

With nicknames like Barry, Abe, and Arran, this Basque Abraham is intriguing. 

2. Aitor

The Basques' mythological ancestor was Aitor. Probably Aita, the good father.

3. Ander

Ander, Basque for Andrew, meaning ‘man or manly’. This name is exotic and straightforward.

4. Andone

Basque Anthony meaning ‘flower’ like Andone. The only problem with this name is that it seems like ‘and’ and ‘done’.

5. Antton

It may seem like a made-up name, but Antton is a Basque spin-off of Anthony. It signifies ‘priceless one’.

6. Argider

One of the most popular Basque baby names is Argider. It means ‘beautiful light’.

7. Basajaun

This name means ‘lord of the woods’ since ‘baso’ means ‘woods’ and ‘jaun’ means ‘lord’. 

8. Benat

Bernard is old-fashioned. Benat, its variant, is unique. It sounds like a Bennett variant. 

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