A Touch of Nature with These Evergreen Nail Art Designs

Sci-Fi Stunner

This manicure, which has 3D dewdrop features and is both dark and mesmerizing, feels like it's from another world.

Hot Tip

Join the fun of French Skittles by using colors that go well with greenery.

Bubble Pop

This 3D French manicure is so beautiful that you won't have to worry about popping anyone's bubble.

Come Slither

Crocodile nails always make me feel like a badass. You can balance them out with greenery nails that are dot-shaped.

Heart to Heart

Why should Evergreen have all the fun? Paint the other hand red and connect them with a Powerpuff heart and trendy swirls.

What a Star

Because evergreen is such a strong color, it's easy to forget that it looks good with other colors, especially bright ones like burnt orange.

Malachite Madness

When you have beautiful nails that look like malachite, geology really does rock.

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