5 Zodiacs Show Love Through Humor


When Sagittarius is in love, they are the funniest. They can make the best faces and do great impersonations of famous people. 

They will make fun of you over and over again until you get mad. To them, love isn't something to be taken seriously. Instead, it's something to let grow through fun and laughing.


As a sign that is known for being a little naughty, Geminis love to play jokes on the people they care about.

Get ready if you get scared quickly. They'll love you even more if you're willing to go along with all of their plans.


Aries shows their love for you through crude humor, like jokes and funny nicknames. 

When they know that you won't take anything personally, they'll feel at ease around you.


Leos are a mix of two other fire signs. When they're in love, they love to laugh with and at their partner.

If they love you, they will make fun of you a lot. They will also always be funny in a clean way, because they will never mean to hurt anyone's feelings.


Aquarius wants to be with someone who makes them feel like a friend. So get ready for funny conversations and long text messages. 

Don't be shocked if you laugh a lot more than you should. Because they're sensible and nerdy, many of their jokes will be very funny to you. 

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