5 Zodiac Signs That Give More Energy Than They Take


When it comes to giving more than taking, Leos are the best. 

They love helping other people and will even put their own wants behind those of their loved ones. 


Sagittarius people have a special energy that makes people feel good. 

Positive energy follows this sign everywhere they go, and Sagittarius can't hold back their spreading happiness. 


Because Aquarius people are forward-thinking and caring, they often give more energy than they take by giving others strength. 

Their energy motivates others to come up with new ideas and helps them come up with new ideas themselves.


People know Geminis for being talkative and lively. Their words and positive attitude have an amazing power to make anyone feel better.

They can bring any social meeting to life in a way that sticks with people long after they've left.


Pisces may be more passionate, but because they care about other people, they give a lot of their energy to helping them. 

People like Pisces' energy because it makes a place feel light and peaceful without lowering the energy level. 

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